The Centre


The Centre

An all encompassing whole health and holistic space where one can come to escape the intensity of life for a complete internal and external transformation.

Our Philosophy: The Art of Healing through the five elements


The Mansion Wellness Centre mission is to create and support true wellness when the body, mind, soul, heart and health is in effortless alignment. Within a premium and uniquely created facility our services are delivered by the highest quality of practitioners and staff to encourage the most decadent and transformational experiences. Providing a global approach to the many layers of wellness from the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and nutritional needs of our clients and members. 

Our vision is to have a positive impact on the body, mind, spirit, heart and health of all our members and clients. To inspire, support and nurture healthy, happy, fullfiled humans which translates positively within all functions of their fullfiled and abundant lives.

We are committed to supporting our community in their wellbeing lifestyle so they are inspired, ignited and empowered to live a healthy, happy life. We are a place of full body and mind healing, disease prevention, inspiration, and joy. We believe everyone has the power to take their life and their health into their hands. We are grateful to support you to make your life even more amazing. 

Dedicated by a team of certified and diversified professionals, practitioners, yoga instructors, doctors, dentists, and therapists. All together aim to offer an inspiring program of well-balanced activities, therapies, and treatments:

Explore our Mansion Wellness Experience through the Five Elements

Water Element Experience

* Crystal Pool (432 HZ frequency)

* Ice Bath

* Cleansing treatments

* Injections & Infusions

Air Element Experience

* Breathwork

* Art Exhibitions

* Ozone treatments


Wood Element Experience

* Yoga

* Fitness Classes

* Osteopathy

* Gym and Fitness Center



Earth Element Experience

* Healing Food and Nutrition

* Body Scrubs

* Ayurveda



Fire Element Experience

* Dance Classes  

* Fire Ceremonies

* Music and Sound







Our State-of-the-Art Facilities

Whether you want to deeply rejuvenate on a personal retreat or facilitate a yoga retreat, entrepreneur mastermind, or teacher training, we have the perfect venue to meet your needs!

Enjoy our art-filled boutique resort with 6 pools, a rooftop jacuzzi, fitness center, gorgeous gardens and over 10 semi open-air shalas and 10 indoor venues.

Be inspired and energized by our dance, aerobic, martial arts, yoga, aerial arts, and community events or replenished by our holistic treatments and immune boosters!


Jl. Penestanan, Sayan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571


+62-889 626 7466 (+62889MANSION)



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