Our Holistic Practitioners

Frederique Nault


Frédérique has been practicing for over 40 years and is a licensed naturopath, certified herbalist and certified NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques) practitioner. She received her training in Acupressure in the United States of America and in 2001 obtained her degree as a Naturopath in Australia. She is skilled in a wide range of healing modalities. Frédérique is passionate about herbal medicine and has extended her studies into Indonesian herbalism.

She speaks French, English, and Indonesian fluently.

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Marlynn Bourque

Access Consciousness

Marlynn is a caring and empowering leader, enthusiastic about the possibility of a more conscious and joyful world!  With the pragmatic tools and energy processes of Access Consciousness®, you will be empowered to know that you know, and choose what is true and nurturing for you and your body.

With her exceptional energetic potency (healing), Marlynn contributes in clearing pain, disease and trauma in people body, creating ease and vitality, beyond what is believed to be possible.

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Justin Robertshaw


Ready to live a life of personal balance, sharing your passions with the world? 

Justin is a qualified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant with the American Institute of Vedic Studies, run and overseen by Dr David Frawley.

Upon completion of the course he continued his practical studies, over the years interning with the Indian doctors at a highly respected Ayurveda Pancha Karma centre in Asia.

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Pablo Castro


Pablo Castro was certified as a Breath-work Practitioner and Teacher at Alchemy of Breath. He approaches transformation from their unique angle, creating a compelling fusion, for people to gain new perspectives on living a fulfilled life, to evolve, heal, and thrive together.

Pablo Castro believes in a gentle approach to transformation, recognizing the importance and potency of feeling safe.

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Daphne Liu


MindScape is an amazingly effective tool for tuning into your inner wisdom in order to enhance your health, relationships, business, sports performance and much more. This empowering technique offers insight into the workings of your subconscious mind and enables you to go beyond structural left-brained functioning by tapping into your intuitive right brain.

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Rachel Ellery


UK-trained Osteopath specializes in teaching human anatomy and movement principles to yoga students/teachers from around the world.

Since 2000, Rachel has practiced osteopathy, taught anatomy, osteopathic technique and other related workshops such as the importance of touch and cueing in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia.

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Petra Haluskova

Petra is a holistic health & extraordinary life coach, inspirational speaker, best selling author and divine truth catalyst. She teaches internationally, has books in multiple languages and is featured in magazines & media. She will inspire you to a superhero level lifestyle, remind you of your greatness and up-level your life. She is the resident cleanse & detox expert at The Mansion and leads weekly health talks, 1 day cleanse retreats and provides many other juicy programs to support your vibrancy. She lives in Bali & Czech Republic.

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Tammy FireFly

Tammy Firefly is an internationally acclaimed performance artist who has entertained and enthralled audiences across the world. From small intimate gatherings to Cirque Du Soleil stages, Tammy’s dedication to her passion allowed her to travel the world and sustain a thriving business.

Since 2009, Tammy Firefly has gone from a solo performer to being a successful event producer – hosting retreats, online courses and workshops around the world as well as doing professional coaching, business development, and running her own business in clothes design.

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Raden Andre

Andre was born into a spiritual family, and at 15 years old, he started healing people using many traditional modalities. He came to Bali 5 years ago, improving his abilities by learning sound healing, mantras, guided meditation, and purifications.

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